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Wow I am personally very boring!
HELP!!! SOS!! AHHH!!!!
Lol help please!! I need some help with making my cosplay costume!!! So anyone! EVEN YOU!!! YES YOU THE ONE WITH THE FACE!!! PLEASE HELP!!!
Any ideas and help and maybe if the price is right I might buy it! lol
Hey I know people don't watch me much, but if anyone who is out there. ANYONE...not the creepy guy in the corner o.O but hey you could help too!! XD
I'm trying to find someone to help me design some props for my cosplay costume!!! I have tried and tried again and FAIL lol so please help! Thank you!
Hello Again,
I have been on here before but sadly I deleted it earlier because I just didn't have time.  But I am back so no fear!
My last name was Savanime!
Thank you,
I'm glad to be back!